BEARS: Managing A Cantankerous Image-Maker

BEARS: Managing A Cantankerous Image-Maker

It is surprising that what seems to be the order of the day now is Corporate Communications Managers in government agencies engaged to make positive image for their organizations to become purveyors and influencers of bad image.  

In fact, some of them have grown wings so large that they  lack regards for their CEOs and dare them to do their worst while the image of the agencies take a nose-dive for shit.  

A particular one in reference keeps away from office as long as he or she wants , comes to the office every day late and leaves early without permission and fights whoever looks his or her direction. Jobs never gets done, yet never want subordinates to do the briefs. 

 On top of this is the growing concern over misappropriation of funds of projects under the office.  If you were a CEO with this kind of a truant, crabby and unprofessional PRO, what would be your reaction?  Send your response to us ( Keep a date with the Bears on “The Art Of War” experience among transport sector’s image- makers, soon.

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