BEARS: Allow Ray Ugochukwu Rest In Peace!

BEARS: Allow Ray Ugochukwu Rest In Peace!
Late Ray Ugochukwu

The news that the maritime media is divided  over the burial of their late member, Comrade Ray Ugochukwu is nothing to be happy about.  

The division is fueled by interest.  Once again, this has reemphasized the need for the unity and a common goal for the entre members of the maritime  journalists operating under over seven associations.  

The late Ugochukwu was one of the unity-minded maritime journalists, having made, along others, attempts to run a common project for the industry.  

It is therefore too bad and a slap on the spirit of the fallen veteran to fight and create more animosity that will further alienate brothers from brothers.  Do not trade with the dead, however.  Allow Ray to rest in peace!

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