Signs, Types Of Infidelity And How To Cope (3)

Signs, Types Of Infidelity And How To Cope (3)

There are some studies that show that men are more likely to cheat than women, but others show that men are more likely to engage in sexual infidelity, whereas women are more likely to engage in emotional infidelity. People with higher sexual urges are more likely to engage in infidelity, as are people with higher levels of insecurity, who may be seeking validation through an affair.1

What Is Considered Infidelity?

Infidelity doesn’t just look like someone going out to a motel and having a secret sexual affair. Cheating can take many forms and doesn’t always involve in-person encounters. It’s also important to note that what may constitute infidelity for one person may not ring true for another.

For example, while some people consider viewing pornography “cheating,” others may view this as normal and acceptable. The point is that each couple should clearly define what is and isn’t allowed in their relationship and which activities would constitute a boundary violation.

The main types of infidelity that most couples recognize are:5

Sexual Infidelity

This involves engaging in sexual relations of any kind outside of the relationship. There may or may not be an emotional component here.

Emotional Infidelity

The difference between a platonic relationship and a case of emotional infidelity is that the relationship involves flirting, sexual chemistry, and a level of emotional intimacy similar to romantic relationships. Additionally, there is secrecy involved: information about the relationship is often purposefully hidden.

Online Infidelity.

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Signs, Types Of Infidelity And How To Cope (4)

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