ROMANCE: THE POWER SUPPLY TO RELATIONSHIPLast week, I was in my bed late at night watching “Telemundo”. Towards the end I couldn’t stop crying and I was surprised that I couldn’t really tell why I was crying so deeply… after a while it hit me – ROMANCE! The love between the main characters in the movie was so well expressed without words, just with images, that it brought an overwhelming feeling inside me. Will I ever experience a movie-worthy romantic gesture?!

Looking at all what made me shed tears, I couldn’t help but put a lot of thought on how important romance is in a relationship.

Most love stories start with some form of romance. Oh, that indescribable feeling when you have a new crush! And that crush turns into something more! When you do anything to spend an extra minute with that special person, every small gesture is adorable, a day without seeing each other feels like months, one hour without a text message feels like days…

In the beginning, relationships seem to be when couples experience most of the romance, everything is new and exciting. Couples do whatever they can to impress one another and put their best effort into the relationship and appreciation for their partner.

With time, life gets in the way, the relationship grows stronger, you feel more connected which brings the blissfulness of emotional security and comfort. On the other hand, routine and distractions of busy lives seem get in the way of romance. So how important is romance in a relationship?

For me, an addict to romantic movies and love stories (real and fiction), the answer is VERY!

Many people don’t try to do romantic actions because they don’t know why or because they don’t think they need to or it isn’t important. I get that everyone has different needs and perceptions of what is a happy relationship for them. At the end of the day, relationships aren’t all the same, what works for one relationship doesn’t necessarily work for another. So stop looking into your past relationships and at your friends and celebrities romantic posts on social media and comparing your levels of romance to theirs – I don’t think that is how romance works!

My view is, my heart and my body are connected. In other words, romance is linked with physical attraction. I read somewhere that romance is like the power supply of relationships, if the power supply goes down, so will do the relationship.

Romance can create a stronger bond and deeper intimacy. This bond and intimacy seem to grow intense in the beginning of relationships. With time, there is a need to refresh and renew these feelings so the bond never breaks. What about sex? Sex does give a level of intimacy (I can’t ignore that) but a very different level of intimacy! Sex may one day diminish, luckily I believe it can always be revived with a bit of romance – not the other way around!

Romance ignites the relationship! It keeps the relation between partners fun and worthwhile, it reminds the other person that you choose them and you want to be with them. If you love your partner, go ahead and ignite your relationship, make your partner feel desirable! Don’t ignore the small gestures, be creative, make an effort and spark your relationship with a hint of romance.

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