Ogun offers 30% discount on land charges

Ogun offers 30% discount on land charges
Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun

The Ogun State Government has granted 30 per cent reduction of the cost of land or land charges to business enterprises as a form of COVID-19 palliative.

A statement issued by the state on Friday said the Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, decided to support investors with the land resources of the state in view of the effect of the pandemic on businesses.

The Bureau of Lands and Survey was directed to grant 30 per cent discount on land or land charges to business enterprises who applied for the palliative.

The statement said such business ventures were to make full payment of the reduced rate immediately after approval.

However, where payment in installments was sought, it said the payment as agreed must be fully liquidated on or before December 31.

The statement listed beneficiaries to be applicants for land in any part of Ogun State, who had current letters of allocation of five hectares of land and above, but were yet to make any payment or full payment of the assessed land charges.

Also, holders of letters of land allocation issued within the year, of the size of five hectares and above whose allocations had since lapsed but were yet to fully pay their assessed land charges, would benefit from the offer.

“Fresh or new applicants for land interested in acquiring land in any part of the state up to five hectares and above,” the statement added.

The state said the BLS would deliver title documents to the beneficiaries within thirty days of full payment of all assessments and charges.

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