MAN Soars As Cadets Bare Minds On Standards, Rector’s Achievements

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MAN Soars As Cadets Bare Minds On Standards, Rector's Achievements

Much have been said about the transformation taking place in the nation’s premier maritime training institution, the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, MAN, Oron, and the Rector, Commodore Duje E. Effedua (Rtd), who personifies the change process.

At one of the week long events, precisely the Cadets Dinner lined up to mark the 2022 Cadets graduation, it was a dinner show piece as cadets reveled their liberty time, clinking glasses and popping the champagne to celebrate their triumph of graduation after years of regimented life on campus which some described as “tough but worth the while”.

The Rector’s rating soared as cadets bared their minds about the “superlative achievement” that resonates in the international recognition the Academy has earned in the comity of standard maritime training institutions of the world.

The cadets voiced their explicit and personal experiences which, to wit, represent the public opinion of what Rector Commodore Duja Emmanuel Effedua (Rtd) has achieved in his five years in office.

Our correspondent in a vox pop captured the mood of the occasion to evaluate the publicly held opinion, using the graduating cadets as people who wear the shoes to know where it pinches.

The questions were centered on their experiences as cadets and on public opinion about the standard of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.

Chief Cadet 2022 Augustine Fanda; HND (Nautical Science):

During our National Diploma (ND) years from 2013, we just finished and go without celebration, no grandeur as we are having now. The coming of Commodore Duja Emmanuel Effedua as the Rector, brought all the changes from infrastructure to quality of lecturers and state-of-the-art training equipment. Gone are the days 18 cadets were cramped into a cabin, but now is one or highest 2 per cabin with toilet, Bathroom and Wardrobe.

The Rector has made me believe in Nigeria once again that it can change for better. He has within a space of five years transformed a place which once looked like a junkyard into a world standard Academy. Efforts of the Rector has yielded dividends as the international recognition of the Academy is gaining traction through international collaboration and memorandum of understanding with other schools around the globe.

UduakAbasi Nse Udo HND (Martime Transport and Business Management)

I am proud to come from Akwa Ibom State where the world standard Academy is located. Thanks to the Rector who has raised the bar of transformation of the Academy to international standard, judging from the serene ambience, and symbiotic relationship, up-to-date facilities discipline in the school etc. Indeed, Effedua is God’s gift to MAN in good works whose likes are rare.


Cadet C J Kubris HND (Marine Engineering)


Being here has been a long journey I started in 2015 with National Diploma and now climaxing with HND. Coming to the Academy has imparted and inculcated in me the discipline and determination to succeed in life. I was a very shy when I came but rose to become courageous and bold.The regimental discipline has changed my self concept to self esteem, even to becoming the cadet CGI in charge of of parade. Commodore Duja Effedua deserves my commendation for the Transformation of the Academy.


Cadet Edem Christopher Edet, HND (Nautical Science)


I feel excited and very happy passing through the huddles of training in the Academy, the stress and storms we withering the duress and lots more shaped me to succeed while others withdrew. I thank lecturers and the regimental staff for instilling discipline in us to be bold and confident to face the world.


It is something to remember the Academy for putting us through the thin line to manage the stress to academic success and arming us to face the world even in tough times. My quantum thanks to the Rector’s fatherly care and leadership towards the cadets.


Cadet Amarachi Deborah, HND (Maritime Transport and Business Management)


It wasn’t easy to study here before 2017, but the Rector made it simple with provision of modern facilities and a laptop per cadet, now it is learning at its best and in a conducive environment. As one of the 36 female cadets of my set, we competed favourably with our male counterparts in physical and academic capacities.


Cadet Oluwakemi Caroline ND, (Marine Engineering )


A big thanks to my Rector Commodore Duja Effedua (Rtd) for his fatherly role and giving us the sense of belonging and support to learn many things. Of all I will cherish most is the free laptop to aid our learning process. It confirms there are good people in the administration of government institutions in Nigeria.


Cadet Abdulkareem HND (Nautical Science)


As God would like it, I came at the right time when facilities abound after my ND years in 2012. The transformation is visible. My graduation here is a privilege and would be more privileged for the upcoming generation of cadets to pass through the best of the best Academy. MAN Oron for now is the best in Nigeria and goes on to beat other regional maritime universities. God bless the Rector and keep him for the good works he is doing.


Cadet ESTHERS AJAYI TAIWO, HND (Maritime Transport and Business Management)


To me it is awesome rounding off my programme with Commodore Duja Effedua as the Rector. I wouldn’t have wished for any other rector as I came. I was the CCC Records (Female)

Cadet Helen Enabokheme, HND

I did my ND at the Global Maritime Academy, Ughelli. I heard about the school and what the Rector and how much the current Rector has transformed it to international standard, that motivated me to come seeking for admission here. I have seen and confirmed the reality on ground, since I got admitted for my HND in 2020, everything is remarkable. The facilities here are far, far and far better than where I first did my ND programme. My request to the federal government is that more honest people like Rector Effedua should be looked for to head government institutions and establishments.

Lt.Com. Jude Dibia, (Regimental Unit Commander) MAN.

MAN is one of a kind in Sub Saharan Africa. Much changes have been brought into the Academy by way of discipline and conduct of the cadets. The Rector has been very supportive of the Regiment to achieve the best. I have no doubt that cadets passing out through here would make the best out of life. From the feedback from people, testimonials abound on the quality of training and standard of education in Academy. These confirms that the cadets are representing the school well as good ambassadors.

I am very proud to be here as a Regimental Unit Commander with the present Rector. The facilities here are second to none. The morale is high. As a Naval Officer, I have gone round other maritime institutions and I am convinced, the facilities of MAN are top-notch and something to reckon with. I appreciate the Rector, Commodore Duja Effedua (Rtd) for turning things around for the better.


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