How To Start Mosquito Repellent Production

How To Start Mosquito Repellent Production

Malaria is one of the top killing illnesses on the soil of Africa. Millions of lives are lost to Malaria disease every year on our continent.

Mosquitoes transmit the malaria parasites by biting. When an infected mosquito bites a person, it can cause life-threatening diseases like malaria and fever. Most people in Nigeria won’t have any reason to see a doctor if they can prevent themselves from mosquito bites.

Warm temperatures of approximately 80° F are very favourable to most species of mosquitoes. The relative humidity is important to mosquito activity. In general, high humidity conditions favour mosquito activity, while low humidity suppresses activity and may even cause mortality. This is why Africa is the home to the deadliest species of mosquitoes on earth.

Mosquitoes have the strongest signal senses among all the insects. 60 feet away, they can smell human sweat.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans and other animals emit. They also use their receptors and vision to pick up on other cues like body heat, perspiration and skin odour to find a potential host.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. If people can protect themselves from mosquito bites, they will not have malaria. And the best way to do this is by rubbing mosquito repellant on our bodies. So that feet away, mosquitoes will smell danger.

People spend millions of money to protect themselves from mosquito bites. They buy coils, insecticide sprays, and mosquito nets. And these are expensive for some households to afford.

Mosquito repellent cream is the most affordable among all the mosquito prevention solutions because it is inexpensive to produce. And many people will be able to afford it. I know some brands of mosquito repellent creams that sell for as low as N70 per sachet in Nigeria.

In this post, you will be learning how to start mosquito repellent cream production and make money in Nigeria.

Let’s go!

What is a mosquito repellant cream?

Mosquito repellant cream is a lotion rubbed on the skin, dress to repel mosquitoes away. Mosquito repellent cream smells distasteful to mosquitoes and it wards them off from coming your way to bite you.

Production of the mosquito repellent cream is easy and straightforward. No machine is required. All can be done with the manual tools you already have in your household. Once you know the chemicals to buy and the mixing ratio and you follow all the instructions diligently, the rest is easy.

How much do you need to start the production of mosquito repellent cream?

To begin production of mosquito repellent in Nigeria, you can start with as little as N20, 000 only. The money will go into the purchase of the chemicals and some materials needed. In fact, you already have many of them in your household.

You don’t need much to start the business on the small scale. You don’t need to look for loans. You don’t need to break the bank.

How profitable is the mosquito repellant production business?

The mosquito repellant cream production business is profitable except you are not able to make sales. One thing you need to first know is there is an existing market for the product. You don’t need to worry about market acceptance.

There are different brands of mosquito repellent creams in Nigeria. There are foreign ones and local brands. All of them deliver results and each one has its market share. People are already using the product.

However, if you produce yours and package it the way you are supposed to, and make it affordable for people, you will definitely make profits. And this business can pave the way for your financial freedom.

What are the materials you need for the production?

Boric acid (little quantity)

Perfume (as you want)

Eucalyptus oil (25cl)

Liquid paraffin ( a litre)

Colour (as you want)

Petroleum jelly ( 2 litres)

Paraffin wax cosmetics grade (¼ slab of paraffin wax)

Step-by-step guide on how to produce repellent cream

Step 1: Put 2 litres of petroleum jelly in a pot and place it on a stove or gas or fire

Step 2: Put a litre of liquid paraffin

Step 3: Add colour to it

Step 4: Put ¼ slab of paraffin wax

Step 5: Give it time to melt together

Step 6: Take the pot down from the stove

Step 7: Put your perfume

Step 8: Put 2 spoonfuls of boric acid

Step 9: Put 3 spoonfuls of eucalyptus oil

Step 10: Pour into a container

Step 11: Allow it to solidify

Step 12: Package for sale

I would advise that you invest in proper branding and packaging of your product to attract people and make sales. The kind of perception people have of your product will determine the sales.

You can design an eye-catching but simple sticker for it. If you need assistance with branding your product, you can always reach out to me.

Wrapping things up

You can see how simple the production of mosquito repellent cream is. You don’t need more than this to begin the production. The chemical measurement has to be as stated to get good results.

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