Man Beats Up Female Colleague Over Party Gift In Apapa

Man Beats Up Female Colleague Over Party Gift In Apapa
Meditteranean Shipping Company

 Despite the level of civilization witnessed in Nigeria there are still some men who behave like mere animals and stoop so low to beat up females. The sad tale of Ms Mary Ekpa who works in the Meditteranean Shipping Company in Apapa leaves a lot to be desired.

Mary recalls the sad incident:

“It occurred during our office end of year party and I was assigned to take care of the staff children. We had two sets of gifts one for the staff which was about 97pcs but I purchased about 110pcs and another kind of gift for external children about 40pcs. After the party at the children section I started sharing the gift and as staff children collected I tick out their names. I was also at the same time giving out the external children gift at the same without records as we did not have an idea how many visitor kids we had.

“At 5:15 pm when the children were asked to go out for outdoor games some grown up kids rushed in asking for their own gift packs so I requested to know their parent’s name before giving them gifts in order to take record but they said they came with their uncle and by this time the visitor’s gift had been exhausted. I told them we were very sorry because we had run out of gifts for them. They rushed out and in less than five minutes my colleague by name Timothy Momodu rushed in with the same children and started shouting at me, demanding that I give his visitors gifts immediately. I tried to explain to him but he got angry and started kicking the gift bags. The lady working with me became very scared, but Mr. Timothy left.

“After he left I told my assistant, Mrs. Adetoun that I had to go see the Chairman of the party committee to find out if I could give out the staff gifts to the visitors. On my way I meet another colleague, Mr. Francis who asked me the reason why I didn’t give Mr. Timothy’s visitors gift, while I was trying to explain to him Mr. Timothy jumped in between us and started shouting and calling me names. He called me a dog and a bastard and my initial reply was that I was disappointed at him for fighting over gifts and I began to walk away when he called me a prostitute, I got angry and replied him that is his mother was a prostitute then he rushed towards me and hit me on the chest. I staggered but didn’t fall down. There and then the chest pain started because I have been on BP medications. I got home and took some pain relieve but it didn’t help.

“By Sunday midnight I couldn’t breathe well again and I was rushed to the hospital at the wee hours of Monday to Lagoon hospital Victoria Island and was later transferred to Lagoon Apapa Marine road.

Mrs. Ekpa is still hospitalized as at press time and she seeks the services of a Women’s Right Activist to take legal actions against Mr. Timothy Momodu.

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