Barbarism On Pen: Beware Of These Journalists

The scripture says what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? This biblical allusion is apt to describe those who practice journalism with bitterness, wanting to get all and leaving others with nothing.

How on earth will a full grown man with family jump into his car and move from one location to the other telling people in the industry never to have anything to do with his colleagues in the name of jealousy and sheer hatred?

Why would a man descend so low as to mitigate the chances of his supposed colleagues in the same industry even when he has had his own fair share and still having it?

Barbarism On Pen: Beware Of These Journalists
Barbarism On Pen: Beware Of These Journalists

There are over 200 journalists who are supposedly reporting maritime industry but hardly can you get more than 20 of this number doing the work. Among this 20, there are blackmailers, diabolically inspired manipulators who make the gullible-minded and the weak in the spirit victim of their voodoo practice. There are some who are their willing agents in the hands of the vultures in the industry. Truth is far from this group who report falsehood and imperial subservience. Some were even used as a piece to siphon from government institutions by corrupt heads of parastatals. Some move from office to office fleecing money from operators.

There are some set of old fashioned journalists who despite the several decades they have put into the profession do not reflect the number of years they have spent around the port. This is simply because they have constituted a clog in the wheel of peoples’ success and the law of retribution is catching up with them.

Imagine a set of cowards going about in the industry telling stakeholders not to have anything to do with the MMS Plus Weekly newspaper, saying that our paper is anti-peoples’ progress.

Honestly, journalism is about telling it as it is and not to import PR into the practice because of the gratification you want to get from the person involved in the story. It is not a surprise because many of them are not trained journalists. Journalism is not PR and marketing.

It is baffling that despite all the hobb-nobbing, what they get in return is a stipend that indirectly rubbishes their image but because of their naivety, they do not understand what they are doing to themselves.

However, some have ill-gotten money, they call wealth and more corrupt and bad-minded than the leaders they criticize.

To us here, it is a challenge to move higher the ladder; we can never be brought down by the person who did not take us to any height. It gives us more power to do better and to tell it as it is.

But mind you, despite your castigation game, we are getting better and improving too. In fact, thank you for giving us more strength and popularity.

And to those who have been told that MMS is bad, check out our antecedent, we don’t fight a cause that does not have human face or that is not in the interest of the masses.

Everybody should understand that when a bird is alive, it eats ants but ants also eat birds when they are dead. Everybody has his own time, it could be your turn today, tomorrow is there; do you know whose turn it is? It is the Lord’s doing that we have the best brand in the industry.

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