Temilistic Temie

Temilistic Temie
Temie Giwa-Tubosun is the Founder and CEO of Life Bank, a health-tech startup that ensures timely delivery of blood to hospitals and patients who need them.  Named as one of the BBC’s 100 Women in 2014, Temie did not set out to become a “Techpreneur.” She wanted to offer solutions to one of Africa’s biggest health problems; people dying from lack of access to blood. To provide a sustainable and scalable solution to the problem, she decided to set up a venture, instead of a non-profit.
To Temie, Lifebank is more than a technology company. It deploys tech to distribute critical supplies that are essential to delivering healthcare in Nigeria. One of the major contributors to Nigeria having some of the worst indices for healthcare is a lack of health infrastructure. Startups like LifeBank has allowed health professionals like Temie to use technology to leapfrog infrastructure needs by creating soft infrastructure the country needs to solve problems in healthcare.
Temie wants you to have a ‘Temilistic’ week!

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