Signs, Types Of Infidelity And How To Cope (2)

Signs, Types Of Infidelity And How To Cope

· Your partner may want to engage in sexual activities that seem foreign or off-putting to you

· Your partner may be paying more attention to their appearance than usual

· Your partner may not be sleeping well

· Your partner may seem unusually distracted and stressed

· Your partner may be more private than usual and may demand more privacy

· Your partner may be spending more time away from home or going on longer and more frequent trips for work or with friends

· You may find it more difficult to connect with your partner, and they may be more reactive, more hostile, or colder than usual

· You may also experience sleeplessness, stress, and distraction as a result of your suspicions about your partner’s behavior

What Is the Main Reason for Infidelity?

Many of us have the idea that infidelity only happens in unhappy relationships, but even people in happy relationships cheat. Infidelity often happens because of dissatisfaction within a relationship, but it can also happen because of low self-esteem, or an addiction to sex or romance.3 At other times, it happens because of personality traits, a permissive attitude about sex, and cultural and societal norms about sex and relationships that support infidelity.4

There are some studies that show that men are more likely to cheat than women, but others show that men are more likely to engage in sexual infidelity, whereas women are more likely to engage in emotional infidelity. People with higher sexual urges are more likely to engage in infidelity, as are people with higher levels of insecurity, who may be seeking validation through an affair.1

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