Shortfall in cargo throughput not caused by election – customs

Shortfall in cargo throughput not caused by election – customs
Public Relations Officer, Port and Terminal Multi Services Limited (PTML) Area Command, Chief Superintendent of Customs (CSC) Steve Okonmah being decorated with his new rank by the Customs Area Controller, Controller Tunji Aremu (left) supported by Deputy Controller, Administration Jakpo

The Nigeria Customs (NSC) stated that the election is not the cause of reduction in cargo throughput that has affected the service’s revenue generation these pasts months.

This was reiterated by the Public Relations Officer (PRO) PTML Command CSC Steve Okomah, last week.

According to him “we thank God that the election went peacefully and successfully and coming to the aspect that cargo throughput was affected by the election well that is anybody’s personal opinion because if you tell me  that cargo throughput went down because of the election you may see it that way but before, during and after elections, ships were coming in to Nigeria, so attributing the election as the reason why there is a shortfall of cargo throughput, I will not accept that but as for other reasons like the high exchange rate, then I will listen to you”. He said.

He further said that about this time of the year when China is on holidays it affects every nation especially the developing countries like Nigeria.

He stated that “it has always been like that so I will not want to 100% subscribe to the fact that the election is the cause, rather it could contribute but it is not the entire thing that led to it”.

On the election, CSC Okomah opined that it is a good thing because for once Nigeria has spoken and the man who is going out has accepted it in good faith, so it is a new beginning and a new dawn for Nigeria.

In his words “ during President Jonathan’s administration, customs rose to greater heights ,today we have two boats, fully built, fully equipped with bullet proof, made available to the service for patrol, so under the outgoing government it was good for customs and we pray that it will be better for customs under the newly elected government.

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