The Nigerian Maritime Industry

Now that the main opposition party has won the presidential election, what is next for the country especially the maritime industry?

The Nigerian maritime industry and indeed the ports have struggled over the years to stand on its feet as a result of the many problems besieging it.

Most of these problems were as a result of both internal and external factors, and some of the problems were created in the course of solving another problem.

There is much work to be done in the maritime sector to steer it to a more economic-viable course, so in other words, there is much work for the new government-elect.

Recall that the opposition party promised before the election that they were going to effect massive changes in the maritime sector, if they won.

Now, Nigerians are fervently hoping that these changes will be positive ones. The populace wants to believe that these much purported changes will go a long way to minimising the problems of the ports. Nigerians also want to believe that these changes will be unbiased and impartial so that the ultimate goals would be realized.

The change makers should also be fearless and courageous, immune to threats and bribery, so that they can confidently actuate their plans for the maritime sector.

The maritime sector is a steady revenue-generating power-house in the country, therefore, any new policy or supposed change that does not favour the revenue generating process of the sector will adversely affect the economy of the country and therefore should be discouraged.

So, let the changes be positive, so that the maritime industry will flourish. Nigerians very much hope that these changes will not be another ‘election promises’.

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