Remembering Chibok Girls One Year After

Remembering Chibok Girls One Year After
Puported picture of kidnapped Nigerian girls

Exactly a year ago, about 300 school girls were abducted from their dormitories in chibok, Borno State by the dreaded sect Boko Haram.

There were clamourings and protests from almost every part of the world to bring back the girls.

Nigerians believed then that it will only be a matter of time before the kidnappers will be apprehended and the girls released.

The government sends troops and was even assisted by some foreign powers to bring back the girls, but their efforts did not and could not yield any tangible result.

The parents of these girls and indeed Nigerians have waited as days turn to weeks, weeks to months and now a year has passed and still the girls have not returned.

The leader of the sect Abubakar Shekau claimed in a release video that he had married the girl off after some months. And there are fears recently that these girls may have been turned into terrorist as a result of the increasing number of female suicide bombers in the country.

Imagine the trauma these school girls must have passed through. Rape, torture, humiliation and molestation all in the bid to dehumanize them and turned them into adults overnight. Adult who are ready to die killing others. Most of them were kidnapped as innocent, naïve school girls, now they have been forced to become adults unprepared and unready. They have passed through a lot of emotional and psychological trauma and needed to be taken care of by experts.

Nigerians are still nursing the hope that these girls will be brought back to their parents one day.  The incoming APC government had promised that they will bring back these girls, hope this will not be one of those promises. Hope this promise will come to fruition.

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