Angelic Angela

Angelic Angela
Ms. Angela Aneke Nwabuoku

Ms. Angela Aneke Nwabuoku serves as an Executive Director of Global Products and Segment Banking for UBA Plc.She is a  Non-Executive Director of United Bank for Africa Plc since July 2010 until 2013.

She holds board positions in UBA Liberia, Tanzania, Zambia, Chad and Guinea Conakry. Ms. Nwabuoku holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The American University Washington DC and has been an International Associate of the American University of Certified Public Accountants since 1985.

She holds MBA from the Warwick Business School,She has over 28 years banking experience, having worked at Citibank, Ecobank, and United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA).This beautiful woman is really a force to reckon in the banking sector. She wishes you an Angelic week.

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