Pandemonium At Tin Can  Port As Police Kills Truck Owner

Pandemonium At Tin Can  Port As Police Kills Truck Owner
Tincan Port

There was pandemonium at mid-day at the entrance of the Tin Can Island Port when a reckless officer of the Nigerian Police shot a truck owner simply identified as Alhaji Dan Jos for allegedly cautioning the officer who urinated on his new vehicle tyre.

The victim, Alhaji Dan Jos was attending a meeting called by the Joint Council Of Seaport Truck Operators (JCOST) when he excused himself to pick something in his car.

According to an eye-witness, the victim accosted the Police officer for urinating on his brand new vehicle tyre and the Policeman who was returning from a  joint where he just finished smoking and drinking, shot the victim three times with his gun facing backwards as he walked pass the victim.

The gunshots led to a pandemonium as the traders as well as passers-by took to their heels; but the policeman was caught while he was trying to escape and beaten-up by some touts before he eventually managed to escape.

An eyewitness who simply revealed himself as Bode said, “The officer was returning from a joint where they smoke and drink when he had a small quarrel with this man. The policeman turned backwards and shot the man three times”

This is the cartridge from the gun he fired with,” Bode shows MMS Plus the evidence.

“He abandoned this as he ran for his life because these boys here were ready to beat him to death. This is not the first time something like this is happening in Tin Can.

“How can the Police who is saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding the lives and property; be responsible for such reckless killing?”

However, less than 30 minutes after the erring officer escaped, a squad of police officers which were over 20 stormed the Tin Can premises from Coconut shooting sporadically as they matched to attack the touts who attacked the policeman.

The sound of gunshots instantly caused confusion as people ran in different directions, while the ensuing protest by road transport employees disrupted movement along the Coconut-Liverpool Road, as well as the general session of the Joint Council of Seaport Truck Operators (JCOST), which the victim reportedly left a short while before the incident.

Contacted, the Port Police Command denied knowledge of the incident.

By Kenneth Jukpor

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