Managing The Brand ‘NIMASA’: It Needs Your Help! Somebody Help!

Managing The Brand 'NIMASA': It Needs Your Help! Somebody Help! Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do it beautifully- Anonymous

Integrity is everything. Any organization operated on deceit is capable of falling abruptly as it is often said “you cannot put something on nothing and expect something good, it will rather crumble”.

The level of corruption in NIMASA seems to have assumed a new dimension as the pervasive malaise has ruthlessly permeated virtually every facet of activities and operations of the Agency. The verifiability of this decay that has eaten deep into NIMASA may provoke an August visit by any interested individual who wishes to experience the barbarism with which the uncultured security men stationed at the agency’s gate humiliate visitors.

The reason may not be far-fetched from the ongoing illegalities and nature of leadership in the system.

A recent press statement released by NIMASA Head of Public Relations Department, Mr. Isichei Osamgbi, announced the kick off of the 24hrs Operations at the agency in tandem with the Presidential order on the ‘Ease of doing business’ had attracted the attention of the public as MMS Plus decided to pay a visit to NIMASA in order to ascertain the veracity of the acclamation only to discover that it is all a scam.

The fact is obvious right from the entrance gate to various offices within the agency that NIMASA has several skeletons to hide as movements had been extremely restricted even if it’s obvious to them that you have a rendezvous or have justifiable reasons to be allowed in.

It is unarguable that rational questions like “How effective has the 24hrs operations been? How NIMASA intends to monitor the manifest analysis and debit notes issuance? The state of the acclaimed electronic medium and many more questions, etc., must be asked.

Hence, an MMS Plus reporter sought audience with Mr. Isichei so as to x-ray matters arising from the above only to be shocked with the avoidance tactics utilized by Mr. Isichei who had earlier consented to the visit and even fixed a time. “Oh! I am sorry, I think someone else should speak on the issue. Maybe a director, please come back tomorrow” Isichei addressed the reporter who was kept waiting for over two hours at his reception after he (reporter) had been harassed and bathed with insults at the gate. The “tomorrow” postponement still remains ad-infinitum as about four (4) subsequent appointments had seen Mr. Isichei and other concerned stakeholders abscond from their offices just because they were afraid of granting a press interview to the ever inquisitive MMS Plus reporter.

Isn’t it astonishing to see the Head of Public Relations Department of NIMASA mismanage what is left of the image of such supposed ‘reputable’ organization by putting up such misleading public statement just to give the impression that NIMASA is working? Yet, he claims to have been a journalist. The man had rescheduled over four visits without showing up with the motive of frustrating the reporter so that the secrets would not be told.

Obviously, the NIMASA press release has been a futile effort to deceive the public. If the acclaimed 24hrs Operations is not a scam, why are they dodging the MMS Plus interview? It is just because they are aware of the non-compromising stands and fact blowing skills. It’s rational at this moment to conclude that a lot is hidden in NIMASA.

The first issue of public concern is the non-functionality of the online medium for manifest submissions, debit issuance and sailing clearance. The extension of work hours for some members staff of the Agency for the 24hrs Operations as claimed is illogical and doubtable.

The truth is very glaring that “Beggers strike Dakuku inside NIMASA”. Some members of staff have grown so hungry that they demand for financial gratifications to process contract documents. Awfully, none of them seems to have been penalized despite the management’s knowledge of these unwholesome practices.

Mr. Isichei needs to understand his job and amend his ways. Avoiding press interviews doesn’t cover the mess at all but rather exposes more. It is very obvious that there is no genuine rebranding in NIMASA. If a genuine rebranding should start, then it must start with a new Head of Public Relations at NIMASA and a new crop of security officers that understand that they are the first point of contact for visitors of the agency. Perhaps, this is one of the ways the head of NIMASA PR is protesting the director-general’s invitation of external contractors to handle the PR responsibilities. It is the duty of the PR department to clean up the mess of the DG, whom everybody knows is globe-trotting without value added to the agency, but where the image-divers become image-undertakers, it is good night to NIMASA! NIMASA needs our help! Please, help! Somebody help!

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