Kofostic Kofo

Kofostic KofoKofo Akinkugbe is the Managing Director/CEO, SecureID. She founded Interface Technologies in 1998, SecureID in 2005 and SecureCard Manufacturing in 2012. SecureID Group comprises SecureID and SecureCard Manufacturing. SecureID is a Mastercard, Visa and Verve-certified smart card personalization bureau and digital technology company.
Under the astute leadership of Kofo, SecureID Group has made a mark in the smart card industry that has earned the group industry-wide recognition and respect across the global smart card industry. Kofo is a prize-winning graduate of Mathematics of the University of Lagos. Kofo started her career with a 12-year experience in the banking industry, beginning with International Merchant Bank, local affiliate of the First National Bank of Chicago, before she joined the Chartered Bank team as a pioneer staff member.
Kofo wants you to have a ‘kofostic’ week.

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