‘Jameelacious’ Jameelah 

'Jameelacious' Jameelah 
Jameelah Sharrieff-Ayedun is the Managing Director, CR Services. She is an international professional that brings multi-faceted experience in business, technical and people management. She is co-founder of CreditRegistry Corporation, a software technology company headquartered in Washington State, USA. From 2014-2016, she was the substantive MD/CEO of CreditRegistry Nigeria and successfully grew the company to profitability by 858%.
In recognition of her philanthropic efforts, she was nominated for the Jefferson Award for Extraordinary Public Service for Washington State, USA. Jameelah is a thought leader and business champion, with over 20 years’ experience in defining strategy, developing organizational structure, building diverse winning teams and delivering results.
Jameelah received the highest presidential honour, the Stryker Award, from Illinois Institute of Technology where she received a BSc in Electrical Engineering.
Jameelah wants you to have a ‘Jameelacious’ week!

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