Freight Agents Besiege Shippers council Office Over Terminal Charges Increase

Freight Agents Besiege Shippers council Office Over Terminal Charges Increase

Some aggrieved members of freight forwarders on Monday besieged the headquarters of Nigerian Shippers’ Council(NSC) in protest against the new terminal charges approved by the Council.

Addressing the freight forwarders who were mainly  from the National Association Government Approved Freight Forwarders(NAGAFF), the Executive Secretary of NSC, Hon. Emmanuel Jime gave indication that the new charges will be suspended in the next 48hours.   

Jime said the terminal charges hike would be suspended and reviewed. He agreed with the freight forwarders that the process leading to the increase was flawed, as freight forwarders, customs clearing agents and other stakeholders who bear the brunt of the increase were not consulted.

“There were certain steps that were not proper; so we will review immediately. I’ll make sure that we re-engage the process in a way that will meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders in the industry.” Jime said.

“I have personally discovered that our internal mechanism has not been properly implemented in order for us to arrive at the decision that we made. We made that decision, I cannot deny it, but the decision was made on the basis of some information that was provided by certain…We’ll review the decision,” he assured the aggrieved freight forwarders, who at a point would have been unruly but for the mature and adroit manner with which the Shippers Council boss handled them.  

The freight forwarders said they were not really against the increase, but the rate of the increase which is out of proportion and unaffordable. Jime assured them that the Council would talk with the terminal operators immediately with a view to suspending the implementation of the increase and pending when all stakeholders would sit at table and increase that will be agreeable to everyone.

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