Falling Oil Price: Nigerian Women Urged To Look Inwards

Falling Oil Price: Nigerian Women Urged to Look Inward
L-R: Bar. (Mrs.) Margaret Onyema Orakwusi and Mrs. Catherine Uju Ifejika,Chief Executive Officer, Brittania- U Nigeria Limited and

The fall in oil price is a significant indication that Nigerians and women in particular should look inwards in meeting their needs by being patriotic and buy more of made in Nigeria products.

The Chairperson of the occasion and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brittania- U Nigeria Limited, Mrs. Catherine Uju Ifejika made this statement at the 30th Anniversary celebration of Le Look Nigeria Limited in Lagos. 
 According to her, “women are becoming more empowered and Le Look has carved a niche for itself with its quality brand that can compete with other foreign brands and the good thing is that it is made here in Nigeria. So, we should patronize our made in Nigeria goods as the way forward.”
Ifejika posited that the brand has turned into a beacon of hope and prosperity for Nigerians and Africans all over the world through its socially conscious mission and “proudly Nigerian” mindset, noting that it has successfully demonstrated the very essence of what it means to be Nigerian, which she enumerated as, vision, intensity, hard work, integrity and determination. 
Similarly, the CEO Morbod Group Barr. Margret Onyema Orakwusi said, “she is showcasing Nigerian products, everything here is made in Nigeria, she is creating employment which is very good, she has served her country now she is retired but not tired, she is applying all the knowledge she has gathered in being productive and she is empowering lot of people that is why we are all excited. I think we as Nigerians should be ambassadors of made in Nigerian products.”
While addressing the press, the CEO of Le Look Nigeria Limited Mrs. Chinwe Ezenwa stated, “Le Look is determined to be the Louis Vuitton of Africa and already I do not think we are in competition with anybody we are competing with ourselves we are determined to promote Africa Nigeria and anything to do with made in Nigeria we will drive it hard, 30 years of perseverance hard work and sacrifice that is what is being celebrated today.
“ Le Look started as  a hair dressing salon for a disabled younger brother who could not help himself, I empowered him by establishing a salon called Le Look for him, he could not talk, he could not hear but could see and that is where the name Le Look came from. Louis Vuitton is considered to be high fashion all over the world so that is what Le Look will become in Africa and since the world is heading to Africa, when they arrive here we will be here, unbeatable and indomitable.” She added enthusiastically. 
Meanwhile, the President of Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association Barr, Jean Chiazor affirmed “ today marks the actualization of self-empowerment, Mrs. C.F.O Ezenwa the CEO of Le Look enterprises is a woman of substance and a woman of excellence, a proud Nigerian woman, who has used her intellect to bring out the beauty of our culture. Nigeria is a very rich country.
“Today we celebrate 55years of Nigerian independence and 30 years of Le Look existence; showcasing the pride of Nigerian culture and fabrics, our skill, because this bags, shoes, hats products are actually made by Nigerians. So I am very excited to be here today I have known the CEO for more than 20 years now and I have one of each of most of her products.
“ What we are seeing today is advancement of how Le Look started, she has introduced new range of products and she has brought an international flair to bear in her designs, from travelling all around the world, she has added school bags lunch boxes, conference bags of international standards but the difference is, she has used our domestic beautiful and colorful fabrics. So it is a beautiful dawn for Nigeria and women particularly and we are very proud of her,” she opined.

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