Bears: Buhari vs Aisha

Bears: Buhari vs Aisha
Bears Thumbs down Buhari vs Aisha

 There are definitely several problems facing the Nigerian polity but over the weekend we were treated to a soothing comic drama from the first family.

President Buhari said that the place of a wife is ‘the kitchen’ while his better half, Aisha Buhari hinted that Buhari’s government has been hijacked although she wouldn’t say who did the hijacking?

It is also more humourous that President Buhari was making such malicious comments about women in Germany where he was hosted by a female German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Well, maybe we should remind President Buhari that the UK Prime Minister is a woman, the President in Argentina is female, the Queen of England is female, and the United States may be getting a female President very soon.

Buhari has always been gender unfriendly when the majority of the people who voted him are women.

Buhari should tender an apology to the female folk

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