ALHAJA SAY MAKE I SHINE HER KONGOThree months ago, Baba God answered my prayer again as I still dey do my work as taxi driver.
I dey run Ajegunle, Wharf and CMS routes everyday, even on Sunday.
Na wen I begin do dis Taxi driver work I come know say money really dey dis business. At times, I dey make up to ten thousand naira; sometimes fifteen thousand naira for one day! Even the day wey business bad I still fit make up to five thousand naira.
But na di jolly-jolly wey dey di business dey sweet me pass. If to say I know say Lagos women like taxi driver like this I for don become taxi driver since. Plenty women for this Lagos if prick dey hungry dem, dem go stand for road side dey wait for taxi driver. No be say dem get anywhere wey dem wan go but na to look for taxi driver wey go hammer dem.
Na so I go jam one Alhaja last week for Idumota. She stop my taxi finish, she come dey ask me say wetin be my name. I tell am say my name na Ajibola but na Baba Iyabo everybody dey call me because my first daughter name na Iyabo. She come dey laugh, she come say how come me with OBJ get the same name: Baba Iyabo. “I hope say you no dey fuck-up like OBJ?”
Me sef, I come laugh, I come tell her say na by luck I take dey bear Baba Iyabo with OBJ no be say I dey do like OBJ.
As we dey talk, me too I come ask of her own name she come tell me say she be Alhaja Ajoke. She say she get shop for Balogun but she don siddon tire for shop since morning so she wan jolly comot small make stress no kill am.
I ask her say where she wan jolly go, she say she wan go Bar-Beach side make she look for somebody wey go do body massage for im body. When she talk like that I just code. I just know say prick dey hungry am; she wan man wey go shine her kongo.
I just look di woman for face I come smile I come tell her say me I be expert of body massage. She come laugh, she say na young men she dey find no be agbalagba like me. I tell am say a trial will convince her because di thing wey she dey go look for Sokoto, I get am big time for my shokoto.
 I think say she no agree but as I dey yarn her, Alhaja begin flow. Small time she say okay, make we go somewhere make she try me whether I go fit perfom. Na so Alhaja take go book me for one hotel for Lekki side.
My people no be small thing Alhaja use my prick see for hotel that day. Me, Baba Iyabo wey get two wives for house, I don dey use taxi dey do playboy.
After I hammer finish, Alhaja pay me come confess say, na Taxi driver sabi shine Kongo pass.

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