Why Lagos Port Is Better

Why Lagos Port Is Better
Mr. Nasir Anas Mohammed

The Lagos Port Complex (LPC), Apapa, has a number of “unique selling points”, the Port Manager, Mr. Nasir Anas Mohammed has said.

Apparently adducing reasons why LPC is different from others, Mohammed said: “One is the channel that we have. Secondly, are our terminals, and thirdly is our location. Going back to the first one, our channel is deep enough to accommodate large ocean vessels; because the larger the vessel, the more the economies of scale is attained.

It will be cheaper and more cost effective if you import through Lagos port than through any other port. Even within Lagos you have to get to Lagos Port Complex before you reach our neighbouring ports. The depth and number of berths are also an advantage.”

Continuing, Mohammed, who stated this in the in-house quarterly publication – Nigerian Ports Today – said : “Secondly, our terminals are modern terminals.

For example, the APMT is a terminal that can be compared with any terminal around the world. The container terminal has a little more than up to 22 rubber tyred gantry (RTG) cranes. And with that, you can move a lot of containers.

“They are expanding their stacking area and yard area. They are adding a lot of equipment that will ease discharge of cargo. They have also deployed a lot of technology in getting users to key in and access whatever information they may require. And so from that perspective, we believe that it is an attractive terminal,” he said.

He added: “The same with the other three terminals. Two are largely special purpose vehicle terminals, like GDNL, which is for Dangote, and ABTL for Flour Mills. They serve as special purpose vehicles for their terminals. The other terminal ENL is also another attractive terminal that handles both general cargo and a little of container traffic. These are selling points for the terminals.

They are deploying a lot of equipment and technology to make business easier. Like in ENL, for example, you discharge directly from the vessel to the truck or where they need to bag them. They bag them straight into the truck, so there is no time wasted. Unlike before where you may have to get trucks to be waiting.”

According to Mohammed who has worked in several departments in the authority over the years, the other unique selling point is the access to the port. We have two or three directions where you get into the port, either through Wharf Road or Creek Road. And these are areas which have been used to make easier for people using the ports. You pick your goods from Lagos port and you drive straight out of Lagos.

He explained that another edge LPC has over others is the rail network which is the only one so far in the Lagos ports. The Port Manager disclosed that LPC has been moving containers from Lagos ports since September last year.

“So far, we have done more than 300 to 400 containers, moving them to Kano. When you have that kind of facility, it is another selling point from the perspective that people can load their containers through rail and get them delivered as far as Katsina and Kano, passing through Abuja. I am sure that facilitators are also looking at expanding rail network to other region of the country”, he added.


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