Truckers, TTP Disagree over Electronic Call-Up Platform

Truckers, TTP Disagree over Electronic Call-Up Platform

Truck drivers claim that Truck Transit Park Limited has failed to address the issue of traffic congestion on the port access road through the electronic call-up system, Eto, which was introduced by the Nigerian Ports Authority.

The National President of Council for Maritime Truck Unions and Associations, Mr Adeyinka Aroyewun, in a letter recently, said that the TTP /ETO call-up regime had failed in its entirety to address the problems for which it was set.

Meanwhile, TTP had said that the call for the scrapping of the electronic call-up system code-named, Eto, represented personal views and not those of the agents.

In a recent statement, the Corporate Communications Manager of TTP, Nancy Nnamdi, said that the information in the reports was inaccurate.

The management of the NPA had in February 2021 introduced the electronic call-up system for trucks at the ports in Lagos to end the gridlock witnessed on the road.

The e-call-up system was launched alongside an app called Eto, through which truckers book turns to enter the port.

Some truckers had reported that the platform had failed to address the congestion along port access roads.

Truck drivers at Lagos port recently called for the scrapping of Eto.

Reacting to this, Nnamdi, in the statement, said, “We would like to address recent media reports regarding protests by truck drivers at Lagos ports and the alleged call by the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders for the scrapping of the Eto call-up system. The information in the reports is inaccurate, and we seek to provide clarity on the matter.

“Contrary to the reports, the National Association of Government-Approved Freight Forwarders did not call for the scrapping of Eto.

“The individual making such a statement was expressing personal views and not representing the official position of NAGAFF. The agitation against Eto appears to stem from a misunderstanding of the system’s operational procedures.”

On the speculations that truck bookings were suspended for one month, Nnamdi said bookings of trucks to parks were temporarily put on hold for about seven days.

She said that the directive came from the management of the Nigerian Ports Authority to facilitate the rapid decongestion of trucks causing gridlocks along the port corridor.

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