STOAN Furious Over INTELS’ Pipe Exclusive Handling Right

STOAN Furious Over INTELS' Pipe Exclusive Handling Right
Dr Vicky Haastrup, president of STOAN

The President of the Ship Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria (STOAN) Dr Vicky Haastrup has spoken out forcefully over the exclusive right of handling pipes granted to INTELS Terminal Operators only.

Speaking exclusively to MMSplus weekly  through a representative Mrs Lizzy Ogude at a recent Monitoring and Compliant event organized by Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) she said “ We have an agreement like every other terminal and suddenly INTELS brought one paper and said that the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) gave them a letter to be the exclusive handler of a particular type of general cargo- pipes, that pipes are  oil and gas cargo therefore is exclusive to them, that’s why all the vessels that went out to market are diverted to Onne. And we have been at it since 2012 till now, nothing has been done about it, and they want me to be compliant, compliant with my blood. “She queried.

She continued “How can I be compliant when the major part of my operation is clamped down, I don’t need money right? You are asking me to be compliant, how can I be compliant?

She further commended the concession reforms but said however that she was not pleased with the way things were moving. “I have told you what I think about the concession, I have accessed the concession to be good, but about what is happening now, I am pissed off with the whole arrangement”.

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