Security: Lagos Is Dozing Off

Security: Lagos Is Dozing Off
Lagos None-resident Okada Riders Sleeping On Their Bike

It is becoming worrisome and apprehensive how commercial motor cyclists flood various streets of Lagos state. This development started immediately the Lagos state government lifted ban on okada riding in the state.

More so, 75% of the riders are foreigners who always come in with new bikes infiltrating the streets of Lagos as well as using the trade to get to know the nooks and corners of the state.

A security expert, speaking recently said that Lagos state did not know what it was inviting into the country by looking away from the menace this group of homeless business men can do to the state when the act is finally put together.

He believes that they do not just come into the country for the bike business alone, but to survey the geography of the state so as to enable them carry out their intended harm with ease when it is ripe to be hatched.

It is also perturbing to see how these people rise to fight for one another in case of any face off between one of them and another person. They are ready to lynch the other party without knowing the cause of the face off.

It is so bad that one of them once said that no police can arrest them whenever they are together as they are ready to mob such a police man or a group of police men.

Meanwhile, investigation reveals that most of these people are non-Nigerians who were sponsored by an unknown group to make an incursion into the state and to be familiar with the corners of it. It is more disturbing that they often come with new bikes including the young ones who could not have been able to work enough to buy themselves bikes.

Lagos is seriously snoring away in the midst of insecurity and imminent danger lurking around without the security operatives sensitive enough to either stop the cloud of doom that is gathering or put a machinery in place to checkmate the likely mayhem  that could arise from this rather, everyone is entangled in political campaigns.

At the road sides, they have become so menacing that they have shared the expressways with other vehicles so much that they are competing to take over the roads in the claim of looking for passengers. This has become a normal practice in all the roads of Lagos state without any dust from anywhere.

It is more fearful that if these set of people that have infiltrated the state are very difficult to control as they  always prove stubborn and ever ready to fight without minding the whose ox is gored.

Insurgency does not start in a day but with gradual incursion, they take their seat and become a thorn not only in the flesh of ordinary civilians but for the law enforcement officers who may not be able to curtail it when it finally births.

This gradual precipitation of illegal foreigners in our soil albeit carrying out the same trade in a similar way, one should be able to smell some foul play in the number that is constantly on the increase.

However, it is not out of place for foreigners to carry out their trades in another country but the present security situation of the country is such that Nigerians should be wary of every fly that perches on his or her lap.

So many people have adduced the lift on the ban of commercial bikes in Lagos state to a strategy of winning the February elections as they already knew that people were not happy with the way the bikes were muscled out of existence.

But will it be wise to put the lives of citizens in jeopardy to gain more votes? The time to act is now before insurgents will take over Lagos and this will definitely be worse than anywhere else owing to the population of people living there, the various business concerns especially the oil and gas tank farms.

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