Pocket Agitation: SON vs Clearing Agents

Pocket Agitation: SON vs Clearing Agents

The Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is one of the several parastatals of the Federal Government that help to execute some of its policies as a means of keeping the sanctity of a nation.In this case, SON is an agency saddled with the responsibility of sieving the contents of the goods coming into the country to forestall fake products from infiltrating the markets.

But how well this agency has been living up to its billing in this regard defines how it is accepted or not.

Recently, there have been cacophony of voices trailing its activities especially as it regards the arrest of cargoes along the road since they have been asked out of the port as a means of improving on trade facilitation.

Looking closely at the purpose for which the body was established, it is indeed germane to helping to rid the market of the substandard products shipped into the country.

The manner with which the organisation carries out its operations has been questioned by some stakeholders who believe they have deviated from the standards stipulated by the Act establishing it.

SON has a role to play in the sanitisation of the Nigerian market of fake and substandard products but the government should beam its searchlight on its ways of operation which has been calling for its condemnation among the stakeholders in the industry.

If the present altercation persists, there is likelihood of a fracas between the organisation and those who feel aggrieved by their operations.

So to avoid this, the Federal Government should come out with a clear cut definition of what to expect from SON, where their statutory roles start and end, to also increase the numerical value of the organisation to give it the national outlook that will accord it the deserved respect.

However, the manner with which clearing agents and importers comport themselves over issues, especially that of SON call for concern. Some of them are not just latching on the crisis to enrich themselves but work for some unseen faces. “How much is involved?” Is the game.

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