Nigerians Encouraged To Embrace Biogas Technology

 Nigerians Encouraged To Embrace Biogas Technology
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An expert has advised Nigerians to exploit the vast potentials of Biogas techno logy as alternative to electricity and fuel consumption.

This call was made by Mrs. Chioma Nina Ani, an expert on Biogas Technology and Project Director of Avenam Links International, an environmental consulting firm at an event organized by the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria in Lagos, yesterday
Mrs. Ani said that the country had enough potential in biogas technology but the technology had not been given the desired attention for it to thrive in the country.
According to her, “There has been biogas plants in the country, there is one in Achara, Enugu state, and there is another one in Zaria, Kaduna, Kebbi, Yobe, although they are all pilot projects as far back as 1996 but most of them are no longer working or functional now”
Speaking further, she lamented the lack of maintenance culture of the country which she said was really taking its toll in many projects started by the country she said “initially when the plant is constructed, everybody was excited about but the first one or two years it is working and after that, that is end, due to poor maintenance. She further stated that the epileptic power supply that the country has been experiencing can be greatly minimized if the country taps into this source of power.
According to her; biogas technology can help solve the problem of power supply here in Nigeria because we have a lot of industries, factories and homes that generate a lot of waste that can be converted into biogas that can be used as a renewable source of energy”.
Also speaking, was Mr. Bolade Shoremekun who said that Biogas technology can help clean the environment of waste since the source of the power came from waste.
“Do you know biogas is what you get from waste materials, so all these dump sites that are messing up there environment, we use it for power and extract the gas out of it, it protects our environment and adds to our electricity supply.”
He further enjoined the stakeholders in the biogas community to create more awareness of the technology and beckoned on the government to make policies that would make the technology viable in the country.

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