Molu VS Brt

Molu VS Brt
People Standing inside BRT Bus

Before the advent of the BRT buses that were brought into Lagos by the state government, the most popular means of transportation for the middle and lower class citizens were the long buses also known as “Molue.”

For what it is called a new Lagos, the so much cherished molue was wiped out of existence ostensibly to pave way for the introduction of the government buses which is now being referred to as executive molue.

The reason given was that it was an outdated form of transportation and that it was not safe considering the fact that they were carrying too many passengers at once thereby endangering the lives of commuters.

Today, the same reason that Lagos state gave for exiting molue from the land of the living is what Is common among the BRT buses.

Such buses plying Ikotun, Cele Express carry so many passengers that the buses don’t last as they should.

Imagine a bus meant to carry forty passengers per trip end up carrying eighty three in a trip all because the drivers stand to get some commission depending on the number of people they carry per day.

In fact, this is done in the presence of their supervisors and managers who hail them when they do this.

If that is the case, what is the sin of molue? It should be given chance to ply the roads again. After all, the BRT buses commit the same offence.

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