Manufacturing: Shortage of Gas Hampers Growth – Fatouros

Manufacturing: Shortage of Gas Hampers Growth – FatourosThe Regional Director of the Manufacturing Partnership for Africa (MPAD) said that the slow growth of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria can be attributed to the shortage of gas supplies to power plants.

According to her “there is a large market for the manufacturing industries in Nigeria and the sector is one of the biggest developing sectors in the country and local manufacturers should ensure to look out for a way to addressing these challenges in the industry”.

She noted that, “we are looking at gas as an applicable option for manufacturing plant but at the moment there has been some issues in the gas sector in the country, like the shortage of gas and the political issues like the PIB attached to it”.

She continued “it is good for the country’s manufacturers to create a platform where they can discuss with their key stakeholders as well as involving experts, in other to proffer better ideas that would bring solutions to do the types of challenges bedeviling the country gas supply”.

Fatorous further stated that “One good thing to be done is speak about it because if no one complains nothing would be done and so this includes the local manufactures to also have a say,
She further stated that it is not enough to boast of been enriched in gas but that the Federal Government needs to engage key experts in gas production and the research been conducted by professors and the universities, as ” they hold the needed statistic and the ideas on how gas can be accessed in the development scheme. ”

In an outlook to chart a new course for the power sector, she noted that the company seeks an alternative solution to power for manufacturing efficiency. “What we are trying to do is to look out for an alternative solution to power for the manufacturing plant because the more erratic the power supply the more the worse the production input, so we are trying to find alternative ways to produce power and maintain manufacturing excellence at the same time, which is why we are looking at gas and solar energy to resolving the challenges of power in the sector”.

She urged the Federal Government, GENCOs, DISCOs as well as the regulators to engage in decision making to make provision of power to the manufacturing industries so as to drive the economy to greater heights.
She also lauded the Nigerian Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP) for its commendable project to help the manufacturing sector grow.
According to her, “One amazing thing about this development is that it gives local manufacturers a sense of involvement and also have access to different kinds of funds so they can power there plant. It is also a great way to promote growth locally in Nigeria instead of focusing on external sources of manufacturing”.

Also speaking, the CEO, Algrain Food Nigeria Limited, Mr. Tony Obidulu, who noted that other ways firms and investors can help finance their investment without the dependency of loans from the banks and government, was through partnership with MPAD.

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