Managing your Money, Making it do More – Take Stock

By Hadassah-Esther Osimen
Managing your Money, Making it do More - Take Stock
Hadassah-Esther Osimen

While it is important that you plan your earnings and other elements relating to your money such as your spending, your priorities, etc, it is equally important that you take stock of your spending at every time period, t. This could be weekly, monthly, quaterly or yearly. This helps you ensure you are on track with both your earnings and outcomes. When taking stock, ensure you upscale or downscale your spending as you observe the need to do so.


It is already a month to christmas and Thirty Seven days to a new year. How are you feeling about your preset objectives so far? Has your little or plenty done well for you? Are there some 11th minute activities you could address? Believe me, you can still do alot in Thirty Seven days even if it means putting yourself under what I like to call positive stress, which is a positive way of putting yourself under some tight deadlines. For instance, making an important purchase, running a short programme, a trusted termed investment that could yield some profit no matter how small, purchasing an asset etc. Sometimes, the real reason people’s money did not do much or as much for them is because they are not checking. When you check, it helps you stay on track and tidy up on anything or something you should do before the year runs out.

I know that taking stock is more effective if you already planned both your income and expenditure. The good thing now is that if you could simply go over the series I have written in the past Eight weeks, you could well be on your way to an excellent financial outcome in the years ahead. As for me, I am earnestly looking forward to what God is going to do for my readers and I in the coming years. I am convinced that if you put to practice the things in the MMS series, you could well be on your way to freedom. I started the year with hope to go abroad for my eye procedure in October but many things did not come through but somehow, I am still optimistic it can happen during the year because a lot of great things have happened already including successful pre-surgeries even when it seemed bleak. The whole thing was a miracle. I did not meet some goals such as writing a fiction book this year but I decided to increase my target for subsequent years and God blessed me with the opportunity to hold a managing your money series and then began this writing. As I reflected on my year, I discovered I have so many reasons to give thanks for my blessings with a clear more to come. So, please take stock.

The important thing with reviewing your activities wether financial or others, is that you will be surprised how well you have done if you pay attention. If however, your income or money has not quite worked for you as you want or expect, simply take it higher next time. What I do, is to carry on an assignment into the new period, in this case, year, so that I still ensure that I achieve my objective. Where a preset activity has been overtaken by event, they whole process can be rearranged if you are in sync with the cosmos.

So, how is your money doing? How has it done? What did you begin with? What are you likely to finish with? Is there something you can do about your income even before the year runs out soon? How about your buying plans? What could you do at this last minute to reach your goals?

Have an excellent week ahead!


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Have a blessed week.

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