By Hadassah-Esther Osimen
Hadassah-Esther Osimen

Everyone can make money. When you lack money, it can be incapacitating. Begin with a mantra ‘No Excuses’. To realize that their are no excuses for lacking money is a useful mindset  that can help you continue to bring down barriers to your finance. If you tolerate excuses, you will see problems not solutions to your financial situation. Forr instance, ‘there is no work’ may be true but if you keep pushing through while still maintaining a positive attitude work will come  eventually. The positive attitude is important for your wellbeing, plus you don’t want to be offputting to people by being sulky or permanently angry. If it is your desire to prosper, seek out prosperous people with a view to learning from them. Not only should you seek out people with prosperity mindset, you should go to and find environments that promote prosperity. It will require a mindset change. It doesn’t always cost money. In a wrong environment, you meet the wrong people who end up dragging you down. Associate with go-getters, career minded people, business inclined individuals etc. Since great minds think alike, soon you will be thinking like them and you can all meet at the top.

Take the little you have or think you have and invest it in finding suitable associations, locations, etc. The outcome of such is that you too will begin to thrive and meet them at the top.  Talking big is good for going up financially but even better is ‘doing big’. Your looks, physical appearance (dress the way you want to be addressed), all contribute to helping you build relationships that money cannot buy.

Another mantra i want you to adopt, according to motivational speaker, Les Brown is ‘only quality people’. If necessary, please change your wardrobe, associations, etc. Money cannot buy such relationships. Although you can pay for pupilage so as to learn, you do not pay to build relationships. One might argue that you can indeed pay but that is not the type of relationship I am talking about. Everywhere you go, there are people who you can help and those who can help you go up in life.

As a business Consultant in human Resources and Business Incubation, many of the opportunities that I got came from relationships that i had had. Either a friend referred me or another client referred. They did because of our relationship. When their is a healthy relationship, which must be sustained there will be money because one iron, you, will sharpen the other iron, your relationship.

Sometime ago a frend registered another friend in a ‘friends and family scheme’ within her airline which saw her flying First Class and Business Classat way less than the set price of  Economy class, , saving her hundreds of Thousands of naira. Money cannot buy such friendship which had lasted over a decade at this time.

Many people cut corners to make money but forming a lifestyle that is genuinly relational does more and removes risks. Money cannot buy you a good name but a good name can make you more money. Build pedigree it pays in the long run.,  Whatever skills you have, invest time in it, churn out more and more goodies from such skills. It becomes money eventually. This requires focus, consistency and patience. Remember, anything you do can make you money. Well water is water, tap water is water, pure water is water and bottled water is also water, the earlier ones could be free but the bottled is revenue, yet even those can be free for special people and that could be you. Do you know that sand is silicon and sand is bottles, sand is glass and sand is mirrow; you see, it’s just sand initially but glass and a whole array of goodies if you know what to do with the abundant sand. So, invest also in knowledge and understanding which can be free if you read, listen, learn. Didn’t they say the best things in life are free? The way you think, how you see life, what you do about your circumstances can impoverish or enrich you. It’s your perogative.


Have a great weekend!

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