Lawmakers Intervene In Illegal Deportation Of Nigerian Student

Lawmakers Intervene In Illegal Deportation Of Nigerian Student
Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa

The Nigerian House of Representatives committee on Diaspora has intervened over illegal deportation of a Medical student, Joshua Kunle Abdul-Azeez studying in Ukraine and tearing his international passport by the officials of the Egypt airlines.

The committee led by Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa met with the management of the Egypt Air having received a complaint led against Egypt Airlines for illegal deportation of a Nigerian Student studying in Ukraine back to Nigeria and other circumstances surrounding the alleged negligence harassment of the Nigerian citizen.

Speaking on the issue, Hon Abike Dabiri–Erewa said the error of not ascertaining the final destination  of the complainant from his ticket was that of Egypt Airline, though the Management of the accused airline has admitted making mistakes and offered to the compensate the student.

According to Hon Abike, the committe on Diaspora is aimed in fighting against ill-treated Nigerian Citizens, saying that once a Nigerian is ill-treated anywhere in the world we must make sure that justice is done.

Speaking, the legal representative Egypt Air, Robert Clarke (SAN) told the committee though the incident of maltreatment and harassment as reported did not occur while the Complainant was still in the physical custody of Egypt Airline.

Clarke added that the issue of negligence arising from wrong outing of his destination in the ticket was a mistake his clients cannot deny.

He said ”Although my clients made a mistake when his ticket was being routed which had to do with the exchange between Egypt Air and a Turkish Airline, however the boy partly caused the problem for himself when he entered a Turkish Airline that was not going to Kiev.”

He said the student boarded a plane that was going to Moldova, that was when it was discovered he did not have a visa to that destination ‘even as he said the management of the airline has accept responsibility saying the ”the truth is that we made a mistake on his ticket, adding that much we are ready to admit and make compensation as appropriate we wronged the boy.

The management appealed to Nigeria for not routing the student ticket to his final destination, Clark said were negligent and he has suffered tremendous damage for which are ready to own up and address accordingly.

The committee however urged the Airline to reach an amicable settlement with the young man and take necessary measures to avoid future occurrences.


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