Lagos Roads Death Purchase

Lagos Roads Death Purchase

The rate at which vehicles are knocking down unsuspecting road users these days is becoming an unbecoming situation.

Harping on the road blocks at the Mile 2 axis of the Apapa/Oshodi Expressway, commercial vehicles now ply the road by driving against traffic and this has heaped untold havoc on the people.

The roads which have been under construction for sometimes now see the trucks taking over all the roads leaving little or no space for commercial vehicles otherwise known as Danfo to carry out their trades.

With their impatient nature, the Danfo drivers hastily take the one way as it is commonly called to get to where they are going and this has affected the pedestrians so much that their lives are at risk.

However, it is much worse as the there are no foot bridges for those crossing the roads coupled with the reckless driving of the Danfo drivers.

Recently, a young man met his untimely death at this point due to the fact that he didn’t know that a vehicle was driving against traffic. He couldn’t live to tell the story.

If the situation continues unchecked, it could cause some more people to lose their lives while trying to cross the road.

Better still; the government should deem it fit to construct a foot bridge on the road because of the traffic of people passing the road and to stop the vehicles from driving against traffic.

The earlier, the better so that innocent souls will not continue to be lost on the road.

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