Kpanklemess: Rain And Lagos Roads

Flooded Lagos Road
Flooded Lagos Road


The season of rain is here after a period of break but not without some trouble for road users especially in Lagos State where the roads are fraught with pot-holes and slippery in some areas.

Since the rain resurfaced again after the August break, it has brought a whole lot of problems to road users as some of the roads are rendered impassable due to over flooding that serialize the roads.

Worse still, some of the roads abandoned half way by road construction companies have become nightmare as they are narrowed by the machines and other equipment of the construction firms thereby posing more troubles than can be imagined.

For instance, during one of the heavy downpours last week, some workers had to turn back home at the Apapa/ Oshodi Expressway as some vehicles were stuck on the road thereby blocking others from passing likewise other adjoining roads were muddy and slippery.

But one wonders what the government at both the state and federal levels were doing before the roads deteriorated to such state.

However, the economic wastage encountered as a result of the traffic jam or outright blockage of the roads cannot be quantified as one cannot count the number of people affected by the rainfall and the quantity of business transactions engaged in.

Moreover, some workers are hardly seen in the office early enough because of difficulty in getting public transport and even private car owners do find it difficult too as the roads are flooded. For this reason, some people prefer to stay back home rather than sleeping off inside the car or wasting their time away on the road.

The roads in state of disrepair translate to reduction in the revenue of the government thereby forming a clog in the wheel of national development.

It is advisable that the government takes pragmatic step to curtail further damage to the road as well as to alleviate the plight of the masses that bear the whole burden of the ugly development.

Flooded Road
Flooded Road

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