By  Hadassah-Esther Osimen
Hadassah-Esther Osimen
How is the launch into the new year going for you? I have been weathering through, you won’t believe it, OTG issues! Somebody does not want me to type away o! Well, I am.
Recall that I planned to start talking investment options by first flagging the alarms on investments of which you should beware, on the next top of the ‘mind the crap’ is Network Marketing! As far as I am concerned it is as pomzi as they come but usually not in the beginning. The promblem at the top of the whole network marketing mombo jombo is the fact that the profit margins are too slim to give real prosperity. You end up working for the manufacturers of the products. As far as I am concerned, it is such an unfair product distribution system and for several reasons I’d say, ‘dunk do it’! Here are a few warning bells:
1. Notice it lacks real continuity and sustainability. Many of the big ones we first heard about in the beginning are no longer on the rader. I myself invested in GNLD and Forever Living Products and one other but I don’t know why I bothered. Here you are retailing for a big name but the profit margins are not encouraging and you need to sell and sell. Maybe because unless it is strategic marketing, I don’t want to spend my energy trying to convince someone to buy a product that they do not know. Then when they finally know it you wonder if it was worth all the selling effort. Unless you are selling your network products along with several other brands, you will not truly benefit from it. Also, if you will benefit, you need to be doing volumes but how many people will truly do these volumes? If the volumes are too little, consider how many more people you need to add to your network and how many more of them need to do these volumes to have a break, the result is that over time, because not everyone on the network truly benefits, it feazles out. With Network Marketing, those who benefit are at the top of the pyramid and those at the lower ranking of the pyramid have more work to do convincing people.
In recent times, several so called online platforms became a trap to investors who have bogous ideas about network marketing. I am simply saying, look at the model historically. Please do not do it!
But the Eficacy of The  Products are High – High product eficacy is no guarantee of success without the public buy in. We cannot be selling so called ‘good products’ as though we were marketing some secret that people should not know until they join your network! The public should know by any and every means possible. If they are selling some exclusive item for which they are targeting a handful of individuals of certain class, usually because they do not want it available to the general public or do not want it known by everyone or even because they only have a limited number produced, then maybe network marketing such might make sense but to be network marketing food supliments, perfumes and everyday consumables does not make business sense in the long hall. Adopters of network marketing should tell us how successful it has been and the older brands should explain why they seem to have worn. Every business is set up to be a going concern, if it truncates at some point, it is because the products are not good enough or the marketing strategy is not suitable or others. I am saying, because network marketing keeps failing, don’t do it. Especially, do not think to yourself, ‘let me get in and quickly make it before it starts to fail’. Such a mentality is not fair to the late adopters and I’d say, it is a corrupt mentality with which to enter a business. You must have the interest of everyone at heart.
Rather than the approach being used by network marketing business whereby you network market one product only, manufacturers should concider including their products as part of a well known retail store’s display. This does not mean that the distributors at higher levels cannot focus on the single brand but as network market, I think that profit margins for a single product which so called eficacy becomes ‘not so wow’ afterall, sales systems should not target individuals with average or low income who need to invest their money to start distributing.
Now, the whole fact that you need to invest your money in buying the products to stock it and sell over a long time is rather discouraging. Imagine what would happen if their are supporting adverts to help you sell the products. Do promoters of network marketing not realize that convincing someone to buy is not only as good as their experience at network marketing and the historical data before them, their trust in the person selling to them and then their pockets. It is very crucial that a brand stands in its right first before people or marketers should attempt to sell them. When a product is standing firm by itself, it is easy to sell. Many network marketing brands are first associated with the network before anyone begins to concider the brand and over time, people have wondered if it is worth the network marketing. I can understand a product first beginning with network marketing but I am persuaded it should gravitate into the mainstream media marketing if it is really good. This will sustain the brand, secure the market and maintain momentum for sellers. If it keeps feazling out, it is because the entire strategy is flawed.  Over time, it soon becomes a theft machine for fraud stars. May God deliver us from evil. Amen.
Having said those, I wanted to add that some may be genuine but I am holding back because when a strategy is flawed and you do not review it, it soon becomes bad business. Also, even if it was good in the beginning, is it still the best approach now? Who does not review their processes to ensure it is best for the times? Since the early adoptions, their have been several network marketing systems and they have come and gone and many with investors crying about their losses. Please run from it. I even learnt from no one in particular that the people who propalgated network marketing were looking at the fact that evangelism, practiced in the bible was a one to one approach to conversion which saw many people become christians. The trouble is that over the years, so much development has given rise to mass media and one wonders why anyone would want to ignore such a powerful tool. Online media now even making it more effective. Also, weren’t there multitudes that were reach all at once in the 5000 and 4000 people that Jesus Christ reached out to at the river bank, taking advantage of the amplification that could have come from the silence of the sea side, the echoes from the cliffs and the boat at sea. Inveriably, I am saying, why choose a more difficult route when selling can be simpler? Think of your distributors and buyers at the same time. The whole concept of a social group or click who are into selling and using a product is somewhat hazy in my opinion unlesss their are strong reasons for these kinds of associations. In the evangelism case, they shared common faith and values. Is that whaat the originators of network marketing were hoping to achieve?? Common health> Common well being? If so, the whole world could use those.
Let them advertise their products please then listen to feedbacks then invest, otherwise, don’t please! Buying a few to use and test before becoming a seller is recommended but any product that must only be marketed via network marketing in this day and age, is not best for investment in the long hall.  Caveat Emptor.
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