How To Start Liquid Soap Production Business

How To Start Liquid Soap Production Business
Liquid Soap


There are some products called EEE (essential for everybody every day) products. Soap is one of them and that’s why you will never be wrong by starting a liquid soap business. Normally, the best business to invest in is the type that meets the need of both young and old on a daily basis.

Nowadays, there’s hardly a building you’ll get to that you won’t find at least a bottle of liquid soap. This is because liquid soap meets versatile needs. From washing of hands to washing of plates, clothes and sometimes, bathing. Therefore, the liquid soap business is a profitable venture to start in Nigeria.

As long as humanity exists, the demand for liquid soap and other washing agents will continue to increase because men must wash. However, the high demand for it has made many to venture into the business, thereby creating stiff competition.

As a matter of fact, some people no longer purchase their soap from retailers, they prefer to produce it themselves for personal home use. Hence, if you want to start the liquid soap business at this time, you must devise an unusual branding strategy that will make people choose your brand above others.

A lot of people do not make a profit in this business because of over-familiarity. So, they handle it like a mere hobby that can only make a meagre profit. This article is for those who want to run the liquid soap business on a professional and structured level.

What you need to produce liquid soap:


§  CMC (PacR, or Antisol) – 1/4 kg

§  Sulphonic Acid – 1 litres

§  Caustic Soda – 1/4 kg

§  Soda Ash – 1/4 kg

§  Color (Green)

§  Perfume [Lemon fragrance of any of your choice]

§  Texapon – 1/4 kg

§  SLS [Soduim Laurel Sulphate] – 1/4 kg

§  Foam Booster



§  Soak 1/4kg of Antisol or PAC-R or CMC in 10 litres of water for 45minutes. Note this must properly dissolve and look like Akamu or Starch before you begin production

§  Dissolve 1/4 kg of Soda Ash in water and pour into CMC. Stir until reaction is done

§  Dissolve SLS in water to give clear solution. Pour into CMC and stir.

§  Dissolve 1/4 kg Texapon and pour into mixture above

§  Pour 1 litre of sulphonic acid into CMC and stir

§  Dissolve Caustic soda in water and stir properly. Pour in above mixture

§  Add your foam booster and stir well.

§  Wait for Lather to disappear, then add color and perfume to taste.


Congratulations! If you followed this step rightly, then your liquid soap should be ready for packaging and distribution. A little problem however, should be a market to sell your products. But you can start by distributing to schools around you. Today, many schools are opening up. You can do a market survey and get a franchise to be a sole distributor to on or many of such schools. Also, clinics, churches etc are a good place to visit.

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