How Customs Target Is Killing Business

How Customs Target Is Killing Business
Nigeria Customs Service

The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) as the government agency saddled with collecting of duties on imported goods into the country, has due to the targets given to each command of the service not only hindered trade facilitation, it has also lead to some bonded terminals bleeding.

Not only do the terminals bleed, the agents working in such terminals almost regret taking up clearing jobs, especially seeing their colleagues in other ports doing robustly well.

It is so bad that Customs officer attached to such bonded terminals feel inferior to those where business thrives.

If target will not allow other bonded terminals to enjoy the purpose for which they are created, then there is no need keeping them; they can be converted to truck holding bays. At least, that will help to alleviate the problems of trucks occupying the roads.

For instance, the Kirikiri lighter Terminal (KLT) is a shadow of itself as activities are virtually grounded in that terminal leaving both the agents and customs officers giraffing at their colleagues that are doing well.

Towards the end of last year, Apapa customs said it transferred about 40, 000 containers to various terminals in the country but if you ask the operators, they will tell you it was a lie.

One-on-one with customs officers, they will say it is a lie but they will be quick to tell you that they did not grant you an interview and will not want to be quoted.

Customs management should stand up and find a lasting solution to the migraine that that the helpless terminals are passing through.

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