Here Comes The Visioner

Along Comes the Visioner!

A  Visioner is someone who converts imaginary and often difficult situations, circumstances, ideas and concepts to workable reality.

This feat is an exclusive preserve of the highly articulate, highly creative and highly innovative individuals. Such individuals naturally accomplish what others fear to try. There touches are Midas-strewn and their words incite to action.

They are rare and cannot be found just anywhere, but their work and accomplishments preceed them. They are like the proverbial goldfish that has no hiding place. One such individual is Barr Emmanuel Hallam Gowon.

This indigene of Karim – Lamindo Local Government Area of Taraba State is an unassuming astute businessman whose forays into the transport business in the country marked out as an achiever of success because of his many exploits

The resourceful ~seer~ sees difficult situations as opportunities to forge ahead, he does not allow them dissuade him but turns them to his advantage.

This philanthropist is naturally loved and admired by his people and that is why they chose him to represent them at the Federal House of Representative under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The people of Ardo Kola- Karim Lamindo-Lau Federal Constituency is happy to have a true democrat, a man of the people, a strong advocate of unified Nigeria , a great achiever, a strong-willed and resilient political tactician to represent them at the Federal House of Representative.

Indeed there could be none other better qualified to carry these people along than the tireless achiever. His commitment and dedication to posts he handled before speak for themselves. His penchant for excellence is widely acclaimed.

Barr Gowon believes that changes in the social, economic and political life of the nation must be driven by the current generation of Nigerians.  He maintained that transparency; zero tolerance to corruption, security of lives and property, peaceful coexistence, freedom and unity of Nigeria should be the hallmark of any administration and must be pursued with much vigour

He sits at the helm of various high profile organizations and associations in the country and that had exposed him further, to various tenets and sublime techniques of leadership.

It is no wonder then that he was chosen by his people to represent them. He is a family man too, so he understands the elementary issues about human existence and identifies with them.

Let’s welcome the great visioner of our time

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