Happy Yuletide To Our Readers 

Happy Yuletide To Our Readers 
Merry Xmas

The year 2014 has come and it is already bidding us farewell. The entire staff and crew of Maritime Management Series (MMS) Plus Weekly newspaper wishes our numerous readers and well wishers a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.

We particularly extend our love to those who have been there for us through thick and thin. We say more power to your elbow, and may you all not only be alive in the coming year, you shall get the fullest of God’s blessings.

To all our readers, in 2015, we promise to deliver better than we did this year. We indeed salute you for being there all the time.

We sincerely appreciate you all for making us your numero uno maritime tabloid in the midst of numerous papers in the industry competing for readership. As you have chosen to love us, may God reciprocate the love in your lives too.

To the critical stakeholders, 2015 should be a year of decision not only in the general elections but also in your doggedness to revitalize the maritime industry.

As 2014 witnessed more of deliberations with little or no concrete steps taken to apply the recommendations from such deliberations, 2015 is expected to be seen as the year of application of some germane decisions arrived at in the outgoing year.

The inconsistent policies of the government and too much of diplomacy which did nothing to improve the sector in the year winding down, government agencies are to brace up and be firm in carrying out their legitimate duties to the letter but not to witch hunt anyone.

We promise to work round the clock to give you all the happenings in around the port as they unfold. All you need to do is to download our mobile app on your blackberry and android and you will enjoy the holiday and maritime stories from the comfort of your room.

But don’t forget to tidy up the necessary things as you will come back to meet whatever you left undone this time around. Preparations for next year begins today, don’t waste time!

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