Haastrup Indicates Interest In MWUN Leadership Selection

Haastrup Indicates Interest In MWUN Leadership Selection

The Executive Vice Chairman of the ENL Consortium, operators of terminals C&D at the Lagos Port Complex, Vicky Haastrup has strongly advised that the leadership of the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigerian (MWUN) must not be handed over to somebody who will destroy the good work of the present PG, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju.

To achieve the feat, she indicated interest in participating in selection of the next President General

She said this at the launching of the Prince Adewale Adeyanju Foundation (PAAF) in Lagos on Sunday.

Applauding the PG, the Chairperson of Seaport Terminal Operators of Nigeria (STOAN),  noted that the maritime industry cannot afford to allow the union hand over the affairs of the organisation to someone who will destroy all the works that Adeyanju laid the foundation in the union.

She added that the industry had enjoyed a considerable peace  since Adeyanju assumed the leadership of the union.

Her words, “Leadership is very important. When this man leaves, we have to look at who succeeds him, I am going to be part of it. We don’t want somebody who will come and spoil what he started

“You have a leader who listens, who is honest, Adeyanju is not a leader that scatters things.

 “I appreciate you and for today’s event, I am here and I will give it all the necessary supports.

“I congratulate all of us for appreciating the leader and thank you for the honour you have granted him. The dock labour will be getting greater and greater.

“The peace in the port today, is unprecedented, we all are enjoying it.

“The contributions of Adeyanju to the Maritime is not small, you have written your name in gold.”

On the importance of the dock sector, Haastrup said that Maritime is capable of salvaging the country form it’s present financial hardship.

She maintained that without the dock, there is no port hence the reason she does not joke with the Dockers and their activities.

“But like I always say, if we don’t have the dock, there is no port, if the ship comes ND you give order that workers should stop we will all be shaking.

“It shows the importance of the dock and if the dock is good, it starts from the top. He controls what is happening in the port.”

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