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A kiss can have many meanings: friendly, romantic, affection and passion. No matter your purpose, the basic kiss has guidelines to ensure it is a satisfying experience for both.

Kissing is much more than purely touching lips. The experience actually involves three main senses: touch, taste, and smell. When your partner’s mouth touches yours, you want it to taste delicious, smell delightful and touch gracefully. A great kiss should pause slightly just before the lips connect, let the other person kiss back, and have the kissers complete and undivided attention. In addition, keep the following in mind:

  • Lips should be soft, moist, warm and slightly parted.
  • The kiss should be firm, but tender.
  • Proper timing is important – spontaneous, but welcomed.
  • A kiss should be backed up by genuine feelings of intimacy.


As you see your partner approaching, get in the mood for a kiss. Your mouth should be clean, teeth brushed, and lips moisturized. Smile and catch your partner eye first before making the move toward a kiss. Open up your body, stand close, and tilt your head. Reach outward while kissing; touch the other person with your body, arms and hands. When actually kissing, make sure you are comfortable, or the kiss itself will be awkward.

When the kiss is over, slowly close your lips and pause before withdrawing. The end of the kiss is as important as the beginning. Pull back gently and maintain some contact, either holding hands, hugging or simply standing close. Look into each other’s eyes, before moving apart.

Further Practice to get you in the right mood

Although it may sound silly, like any art form, practice is important. Consider the following:

  • Watch romantic movies and study the way the couples kiss.
  • Think about how you eat, what feels good in your own mouth and the varying sensations.
  • Practice tongue and lip movements on lollipops, gum or ice cream cones.
  • Kiss your own hands and arms, how do different movements of your lips and tongue feel on your skin.

That Important First Kiss

Before embarking on the important adventure of a kiss, consider these important kissing tips:

  • Develop intimacy first before kissing.
  • Heavy flirting before leaning toward the kiss can help put you both in the mood.
  • Time and place are particularly critical for that first unforgettable kiss. Ideally, you want to be alone, in a romantic and memorable setting.

Specific Kissing Tips to improve your love life

Even if you have years of great kissing under your dating belt, the following are definitely some good reminders.

  • Taste and smell your lipstick, gloss and chapstick. Make sure they are pleasing.
  • Use touch to enhance your kissing experience.
  • Lick and press lips together slightly before kissing to soften, moisten and warm them.
  • Most kissers close their eyes, so you should too – although, it can be nice to look at each other once in awhile.
  • Kiss other parts of the body rather than just the lips.
  • Kissing is an important part of a healthy relationship. Don’t let your pucker die away.
  • Incorporate kissing into your day – pecks on the cheek in greeting, a smooch before leaving for work, a tender bedtime neck canoodle.
  • Rub noses while kissing for childish fun.
  • Take advantage of the sensual tongue, with all its touch and taste sensations.
  • Giggle and laugh while kissing. Enjoy yourselves.

Kissing the French way.

In traditional making out, the kiss of choice is the French kiss. While most of us receive lots of practice with casual kissing at a young age, the French kiss is a bit more illusive. If you need some more guidance in this passionate practice, consider the following French kissing tips.

  • Always ensure both of you are relaxed, comfortable and snuggled, before beginning a longer make out session.
  • Find the perfect romantic setting; lighting, sounds and aromas all help create the mood.
  • Start out slow, with gentle closed lip kissing, moving into the more heated tongue kisses.
  • Utilize your other body parts to enhance the passion. Caress your partner’s face, touch her hair, wrap your legs together, hug and push close together.
  • When using your tongue to kiss, you want to avoid too much. Make sure the tongue is relaxed and the movements gentle and subtle.
  • Brush your tongue inside your partner’s mouth, suck slightly on each others tongues, and tickle the lips.
  • Avoid too much movement while kissing, make your actions controlled and relaxed.
  • Remember to take breathing breaks.
  • Take control of your saliva.

This few kissing techniques are sure to help spice-up your love life with your spouse. A key component to intimacy, kissing is a private moment shared between couples – even in a crowded room. Whether it is a quick peck or a long stomach kissing is a pleasant way to spread a little love.

The act of kissing causes a chemical reaction in our brains. This rush of neurotransmitters goes straight to the brain’s pleasure center. These kissing techniques can biology make you a stronger and better partner, naturally.

By Calebere ( luv MD )

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