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Freight Forwarding Practice Quiz


Freight Forwarding

1. What is B/L stand for?

  1. Bill of Landing
  2. Bill of lading
  3. Boat Load

2.  W hat is Ship broking?

  1. An Activity that broke and disassemble ships and vessels.
  2. The action to ships broken vessels to other countries.
  3. An activity which forms part of the international shipping industry.

3.  W ho is a Ship Broker?

  1. A Control Office who put the goods into the sea-line and the shipper hands.
  2. An Agency or Bureau who take cares of documentation and customs between an importer and the exporter.
  3. A control office for goods over the country frontier.
  4. A specialist intermediary between ship owners and the charterers who use ships to transport cargo, or between buyers and sellers of ships.

4.  W hat type of company is in charge to control the reception and delivery of goods and Documents at destination?

  1. Agent
  2. Waivers office
  3. Customs
  4. Shipper

5.  W hat is the main task of Customs inside the maritime business?

  1. Collecting and safeguarding customs duties and for controlling the flow of goods including animals, personal effects and hazardous items in and out of a country.
  2. Documents Verification.
  3. Check if the goods are stolen or not safe.
  4. The protection of the goods on the frontiers.

6.  W hat does RORO stand for?

  1. Roll-in / Roll-Out
  2. Robust Owners Rolling Out shires.
  3. Rolling Materials Only
  4. Roll-on / Roll-off

7.  C MR is…

  1. A document of title nor a declaration, although some states regard it as such. It does not necessarily give its holder and/or the carrier rights of ownership or possession of the goods.
  2. A document that describe Goods when are checked and sealed at the outset, and the
  3. vehicle is then waved through by customs authorities until it reaches its final destination.
  4. The CMR note is a consignment note that confirms that the carrier (ie the road haulage company) has received the goods and that a contract of carriage exists between the trader and the carrier.

8.  W hat Documents are formally needed to export a vehicle?

  1. An Invoice and Owner Certificate
  2. An Invoice and a Copy of the Owner Certificate
  3. An Invoice

9.  W hen the customer pays for the freight of the shipment at the shipping destination it is called…

  1. Prepaid
  2. Paid at destination
  3. Collect or Cash on Delivery
  4. Unpaid

10.  W hat is a CONRo?

  1. Conventional and RORO Ship.
  2. Container ship that can loads by rolling the containers inside de decks.
  3. Hybrid between RORO and a People transport vessel.
  4. The ConRo vessel is a hybrid between a RORO and a container ship.

11.  W hat is a waiver?

  1. A waiver is the voluntary relinquishment or surrender of some known right or privilege.
  2. A waiver is a Document declaring the goods description.
  3. A waiver is a tax Document to import goods inside the country

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