Enugu Partners Indonesia Trade Organisation On $30bn GDP Growth

Enugu Partners Indonesia Trade Organisation On $30bn GDP Growth
Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah

The Enugu state government has said it hopes to achieve a $30bn economic growth in eight years with its partnership with the Nigeria Indonesia Trade and Investment.

It said the vision is underscored by a commitment to inclusive economic growth, sector competitiveness, and sustainable development.

“The administration’s economic transformation plan is comprehensive, focusing on boosting sector productivity, reforming key institutions, and implementing cross-cutting social sector programmes,” the state said in a statement.

The partnership announced at a joint press conference, is set to rediscover and leverage business opportunities within the state, creating a platform for mutual prosperity and international collaboration, the state said in a statement.

The collaboration unveiled on Tuesday, has elicited optimism from the state government, which anticipates a long-term partnership with the Indonesian government.

It noted that the partnership is expected to facilitate mutual prosperity, stimulate capital flows, and encourage diversification of Indonesian industries into Enugu.

The state envisions this alliance as a catalyst for economic growth, fostering robust bilateral relations between Nigeria and Indonesia.

Organised by the Nigerian Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, the conference focused on the theme, “Rediscovering Business Potential in Nigeria.”

It highlighted the vast opportunities existing within the nation, emphasising the need for strategic partnerships to tap into these potentials fully.

Enugu state’s integrated sector-based approach spans agriculture, industrialization, energy, mineral resources, transportation, information and communication technology, and tourism.

The state is dedicated to harnessing its rich mineral sector, expanding agricultural output, promoting industrial ventures, and investing in renewable energy and ICT infrastructure.

Further, it said the state recognizes the pivotal role of private sector participation and actively promotes public-private partnerships and fostering a business-friendly environment.

“Efforts are underway to streamline administrative processes, enhance security measures, and improve governmental services.

“Enugu State has established a one-stop shop for business registration and is investing in infrastructure to support its economic growth initiatives.

“With a focus on inclusive growth, sector competitiveness, and sustainability, Enugu State is poised to emerge as a beacon of economic progress, setting new standards for development in the region and beyond.”

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