Customs Seeks Stakeholders’ Collaboration To Arrest Duty Evaders

Customs Seeks Stakeholders’ Collaboration To Arrest Duty Evaders
Queen Ogbudu, CAC, NSC


The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has disclosed that 29 companies have been found not to be under excise control while calling for stakeholders’ collaboration to arrest duty evaders

The Customs Area Controller (CAC) Lagos Industrial Command of the service, Queen Ogbudu made this known during the sensitization exercise for Excise Traders on the Single Use Plastics (SPU), and alcoholic drinks implementation process.

She urged the stakeholders and general public to report duty evaders to the Nigeria Customs Service, as a surveillance team has been set up under her watch, and defaulters will face severe sanctions

“The duty evaders will make more profit, sell their products cheaper and outrun the obedient ones, chasing them away from the market. Please feel free to report them. We are working together for good, for the benefit of our great country” Queen added.

Comptroller Queen Ogbudu clarified that before the plastic regime, what they had was duties on carbonated drinks which had a specific rate of N10 per litre.

She added that some alcoholic duties had been increased. Stout and beer factories were paying N40 per litre, but now they are to pay 20 per cent Ad Valorem and N75 per litre (specific rate of duty).

She pointed out that companies that produce alcoholic beverages like brandy, rum, vodka, and whisky had 30 per cent Ad Valorem (latin word for “according to value”) and a specific rate of N150.

The CAC also explained that letters have been issued to all concerned companies, and the required feedback has been gotten. “We are aware that those of them coming under this regime for the first time will find it difficult to adapt, but as the saying goes, nothing good comes easy,” she said.

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