Customs Collaborates With Tech Experts To Prevent Cyber Attacks On E-Auction Portal 

Customs Collaborates With Tech Experts To Prevent Cyber Attacks On E-Auction Portal 

The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Adewale Adeniyi, has said the service is actively collaborating with technology experts and cybersecurity specialists to implement advanced security protocols that can thwart any attempt to compromise the e-auction platform once it resumes.

The Customs boss expressed confidence that these measures would significantly enhance the system’s resilience and make it impervious to future cyber-attacks.

Adeniyi stated this to journalists while explaining the delay in the functioning of Customs e-auction portal. He emphasised the need to fortify the system against potential security breaches, while explaining that the e-auction system, which was designed to enhance transparency and efficiency in the disposal of seized goods, has faced challenges in the past due to unauthorised access by malicious entities.

Recall that the e-auction system was introduced to streamline the process of selling confiscated goods, reducing bureaucracy, and increasing transparency.

However, hacking of the system has prompted the NCS to prioritise the enhancement of the platform’s security features to ensure a robust defense against cyber threats.

“We had to take measures to strengthen the e-auction platform so that it will continue to have integrity. We had some experiences in the past where some characters hacked into the system. For us to prevent that from happening, we need a system that is very strong and can withstand those challenges posed by those who want to compromise the system.”

We are already working on that and I believe that we will get it right,” the Customs boss said. He said the service is committed to ensuring that the platform operates smoothly without any compromise to its integrity, noting that the delay is a necessary step to fortify the system and protect it from potential threats.
Adeniyi said he understands the delay might inconvenience those eagerly anticipating the resumption of e-auctions and assured the public that the temporary setback is in the interest of creating a more secure and reliable platform. 
He further stated that the NCS remains committed to fostering a transparent and accountable system that upholds the highest standards of integrity.

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