Chinese Firm, ENL Consortium Sign  Pact On Investment In Lagos Port

Chinese Firm, ENL Consortium Sign  Pact On Investment In Lagos Port

ENL Consortium Nigeria Limited, has signed an agreement with Chinese port operator, Lianyungang Port Holding Group Ltd, to deepen investment at the Lagos Port Complex Apapa and boost trade between both countries

According to a statement released  by ENL Consortium, the agreement between both companies was signed at the 6th China-Nigeria Logistics Line Supply Chain Platform Advanced Forum organised by Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, China. The Forum was organised as part of activities to commemorate the 10th anniversary of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Speaking during the agreement signing ceremony, the Executive Director of ENL Consortium, Mr. Mark Walsh said, “As we reflect on the 10th Anniversary Development of the Belt and Road Initiative, it is pivotal to acknowledge the strides made in fostering international cooperation and enhancing the connectivity of global supply chains. The initiative has not only bridged the infrastructural gap across these two great nations but also facilitated economic growth and mutual development.” 

He said over the past 17 years, port concession in Nigeria’s maritime sector has been a journey of both triumphs and challenges. 

Walsh enumerated the gains of port concession to include enhanced port infrastructure, improved operational efficiency, job creation, and increased revenue generation. 

“However, the pains, such as initial resistance, regulatory hurdles, and security concerns, have taught us invaluable lessons and shaped our strategies moving forward,” he said. 

He said ENL Consortium has been at the forefront of adopting innovative models in local transportation, refining port operation services, and enhancing the warehousing system to solve prevailing challenges and streamline operations.

Walsh said collaboration, both local and international, is pivotal in harnessing Nigeria’s maritime potential. 

“Our partnership with esteemed organisations like Lianyungang Port Group Co Ltd and Sinoma International Engineering Co Ltd is a testament to the power of collective wisdom and innovation in empowering the Maritime Silk Road.

“In 2018, ENL Consortium entered into a strategic partnership with Sinoma Cargo International, a Chinese logistics giant, to facilitate the evacuation of cargo from the Lagos Port Complex by utilising innovative barge solutions. This collaboration was aimed at alleviating the persistent gridlock on the port access roads in Apapa, thereby ensuring a smoother and more efficient cargo evacuation process.

“Lianyungang Port, one of the top 10 ports in China and among the 30 largest globally, boasts a cargo throughput of 210 million tons per year and a container throughput of 5 million TEU per year. Lianyungang Port has been a pivotal point in our strategic alliance, they have provided transfer of expertise and stevedoring knowledge that has been instrumental in aiding and improving cargo handling in Apapa Port. In addition they are providing a robust platform for facilitating international trade and logistics of general cargo traffic to Nigeria. 

 “ENL Consortium, operating Terminals C and D at the Lagos Port Complex, Apapa Nigeria, has consistently sought innovative solutions to enhance port operations and logistics. Our partnership with Sinoma Cargo (Nanjing) International Logistics Co. Ltd and Lianyungang Port has not only facilitated the efficient evacuation of cargo but also promoted mutual cooperation and exchange between our ports, thereby enhancing our operational logistics and contributing to the overall success of the Belt and Road Initiative to Nigeria,” he said. 

“As we delve into discussions and theme exchanges today, let us remember that our collective wisdom, innovation, and collaboration will be the driving forces that empower the Maritime Silk Road and fortify the China-Nigeria Logistics Line. Together, we can navigate through the challenges and sail towards a future of prosperity and unparalleled maritime success,” Walsh added

ENL Consortium is the operator of Terminals C and D at the Lagos Port Complex Apapa while Lianyungang Port Holding Group Ltd offers terminal handling, modern logistics, port construction, and other services in China

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