BULLS: A New Haven In E7 Spring Resort

Coal City, Enugu has been synonymous with hospitality. It is the converging point for all the South -Easterners as the capital city for east central states.  Weekends are best days in Enugu and come Sunday, August 20th, 2023  a new hospitality centre, E7 Springs Resorts will be unveiled. It is the latest sensation in Coal City. It offers everything in business and hospitality. The grand opening promises to attract the “Owners and managers of Enugu”. It is most secured hotel now in Enugu!   Go and feel it.

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One comment

    Yesterday, being 23rd September, Saturday, 2023. I came to visit my my friends at EF Spring Resorts, they were three young men, 1 of them my younger brother, the other my colleague in the entertainment industry, the last was the brother and manager to my colleague. Apparently my younger brother and the other guy both manager my colleague.
    They came in from Abuja and has been lodged there for about a week or more.
    I came with my brother’s girlfriend to see them, they hosted us, we had a little celebration over the success of my newest novel.
    We came about 9.30Pm. Around 2AM, my brothers and his friends retired to the room, I was still at the lounge having a drink. There were other couple there too, having a drink and literally laughing. After a while, the couple left and retired to their room, I decided to leave as well because obviously I was bored. I went to the restaurant to place an order of Chips, they said it was unavailable, I returned to the lounge to pick my purse and head to book a separate room for myself, lo and behold the security men started threatening and trying to physically assault me. Reasons were, I was still at the lounge by that period of time. I was shocked, I felt very threatened, because they were coming at me to hit me, I explained to them I was a guest and they pretty sure had been seeing me since last week coming to visit my friends and leave when I wanted to. They knew me but for some reason they decided to continue insulting me and issuing threats. I had to call my brother and he rushed down to the lounge to see what was happening.
    These security men were throwing comments, saying things like “small children go jus de spend money anyhow..” I also could remember one of the security men trying to get my brother’s girlfriend’s attention and she didn’t look his way.
    The manager came to address us, first he came so rudely at me, not interested in listening to me. In the manager’s words, he said “I was loitering about the premises.”
    Really? I told him to ask his staff, each time I left my seat was to go directly to the restaurant and place orders. I was CELEBRATING! So yes, there was enough merriment.
    The manager later relaxed and forced himself to speak to me nicely when I introduced myself as a Writer. (Whatever he was thinking I was is what I can’t comprehend, I went on to tell all of them to perhaps Google about me to find out more information about who they thought they were speaking with.) Is it because I am young, or is it because I am a woman? Or they felt I was too small to be out celebrating? I have some of the recipients of the bills from last night..i am too small to be out at night celebrating? But my money wasn’t too small to be received? Why didn’t they reject my money, why didn’t they plainly tell me I couldn’t celebrate at their hotel? I picked their hotel because of my friends!!! We were just 5 celebrating!
    Now my question is, what exactly was their issue with me?
    Their CCTV cameras work full time, non stop. I’ll like EF SPRING RESORTS to check the footage and tell me the crime I committed last night, I also want them to go through the footages at the lounge, they need to see how the security tried to assault us..they need to see and hear how they insulted us..slut shamed me, saying none of the guys were my brothers, saying it’s a man that is funding my lifestyle. Really?
    The manager finally came with a narrative that I could not sleep in my brother’s room as per the hotel standards. I reminded him that I was never interested in doing so, I was about to go book my room before his security assaulted me. He urged me to pay deaf ears to the security, he offered to even give me a discount but I refused, I was insulted enough already and swore I’d never step a foot in that place again, let alone sleep there. The manager refused to check the CCTV footages and see what happened, he said nothing about the insults and near assault. He couldn’t even tell his security to apologize to me. Really?

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