BEARS: SALS Fail Litmus Test

BEARS: SALS Fail Litmus Test
Rev. Jonathan Nicol is the President of Shippers Association Lagos State (SALS)
No member of the Shippers’ Association Lagos State (SALS) passed the integrity test to qualify for the National Shippers Association of Nigeria (NASAN) election in Lagos, last week.
In the election organised by Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC), one of the criteria to qualify for contesting was that the applicant must have carried out either import or export businesses in the last five years. However, SALS shocked the press and other observers as not one member qualified in the election that some had labeled Lagos State participants as the favourite for President or vice based on proximity or in sporting terms ‘home advantage’.
So, my brothers and sisters, that was how SALS failed the litmus test.

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